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On the 23rd of October 2009, Palmali Group of companies has signed a contract with Besiktas Shipyard (BESIKTAS GEMI INSAA ANONIM SIRKETI) for building 10 tankers according to 3rd series of “Armada” project RST22M. The delivery of the first tankers is planned to be in December, 2010. 10 tankers from the 1st series of Armada type and 5 tankers from the 2nd series of Armada are currently being successfully employed in mixed river-sea transportation of crude oil, fuel oil, gasoil and other oil products and vegetable oils as well as for transportation in Caspian, Black and Mediterranean Seas including voyages around European continent and Ireland Seas in winter. The distinctive feature of the ships built under project RST22M, RST22 and 005RST01 are the utilization of rudder propeller as the sole propulsion system, absence of central bulkhead, deep well cargo pump, cargo tanks free from any frames with tronk. The ships fit the Volgo-Don and Volgo-Balt channels in respect of their dimensions. LOA of ships of the project RST22M is 139,95 m, breadth is 16,6 m and the moulded depth is 6,0 m. In comparison with the first series of Armada type tankers, the new project has the better sea navigation capabilities, increased DWT of 650 mts in sea conditions and enhanced volume of the tanks at the same time preserving her abilities in rivers. The ships are fully in compliance with the international requirements for the transportation of vegetable oils including the rules regarding double hull construction. During the process of drawing up the project, all special requirements of Russian and international oil companies, Russian register class additional restrictions for the protection of the environment have been taken into account. The total capacity of 6 cargo tanks and 2 slop tanks are 8090 cub m, dwt in sea is about 7050 mts on 4,60 m draught, in river dwt is 4700 mts on 3,60 m draught, normal service speed is 10,5 knots. As main engines 2 medium-reverse diesel engines is being used with powers of 1200 kw each, consuming fuel oil IFO380. Ships of the project RST22M is in compliance with the requirement of classification of Russian maritime shipping register KM Ice 2 R1 AUT1 COMBO oil tanker/chemical tanker type 2 (vegetable oil) (ESP) ECO-S. In comparison with the second series of Armada type, in tankers with modified project, all new requirements of international conventions and rules of class societies (Marpol Requirements, in respect of double side and double bottom construction and etc.) have been taken into account, equipped with deep well pumps ballast tanks, stern manifold has been cancelled and the arrangement of all equipments in engine room has been significantly changed due to cancellation of the function of dismantling the rudder propeller through upper deck.

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