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Tanker fleet of the company “Palmali” has opened the summer navigation 2009 in south direction on March 23, 2 weeks earlier than official date of putting the locks of Volgo-Don shipping canal in to operation. The first caravan, consisting of 6 units of fleet, commenced passage on the river Don in direction to Volgograd on March 23, passing via daytime drawing of the railroad bridge in Rostov. First, m/t “Brothers-3” has entered to Kochetovskiy Lock on March 25, 07:30 Moscow time, while tug/pusher “Pal-4” started to move lock no. 1 from the Volga River side on March 27, 09:30 Moscow time. Total number of fleet entered in to the River Don ahead of schedule, amount 18 units at the moment.

All foresaid has become possible owing to favorable technical condition of the tanker fleet of the company, high qualification and significant experience of the officers on board, as well as SMS of the company which enabled to achieve allowance to operate the vessels in the River Don and Vongo-Don Shipping Canal prior the declared schedule.

Consequently, prescheduled opening of the Volgo-Don Shipping Canal will provide the possibility to increase the duration of the river navigation in the current year for two weeks and lifting 100.000 metric tons of more dirty and clean oil products out of river terminals in comparison to previous years.

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