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Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

PALMALI is committed to providing a professional ship management service in a competent cost effective manner, in order to meet the requirements of its customers as well as discharging its responsibilities towards its employees, the public and the environmental protection. Realizing the necessity of ensuring environmental safety when transporting cargoes including oil and oil products, Company is committed to continual improvement of it's services quality and effectiveness of it's management system, as well as do its best to prevent and reduce pollution of environment. In it's work the Company is always trying to apply world's best practices. Company is committed to maintenance of management system, which complies, as a minimum, to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007,ISM Code and MLC 2006.

The mainlong-term goals and aspiration of the Company in the future are a «zero incidents, zero injuries to personnel and zero spills to sea and causes to environment».

It is the Company’s Policy to promote the continuing establishment of Healthy, Safe and Environmentally responsible working conditions, to use natural resources rationally, to reduce negative impact to the environment, to utilize the wastes, whilst strictly complying with applicable Statutory and International legislation.

For fulfilling this policy Company undertakes to continually maintain the procedure of identification and assessment of environmental aspects in its activities, to constantly monitor its aspects, to establish respective objectives and targets, to carry out necessary actions, to monitor the efficiency of these actions and based on the results of this analysis to carry out correction of objectives and targets.
Company also undertake a continuous assessing all identified risks to its ships, personnel and the environment and establish appropriate safeguards against those risks;

While carrying out it's activities, Company aims to prevent human injuries or loss of life and ensure safety of all people, involved into transportation process, including office and ship’s personnel avoid damage to the environment and property.

It is the responsibility of all company employees to participate in the application of this policy.

In pursuit of this policy the company is establishing working conditions and operating practices by means of:
- a Management structure committed to and accountable for the prevention of work related injuries and incidents through the Appropriate planning and compliance to high safety standards;
- employees with the required skills and experience supported by appropriate training and development where necessary;
- adequate supervision by competent personnel with effective communications between ship and shore;
- Safe and Healthy premises with adequate amenities;
- procedures for the maintenance and operation of ships, their plant and equipment;
- participation in relevant National, International and Industrial bodies for the promotion of Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental protection standards;
- Acceptance and understanding of the Company’s Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy as a condition of employment

The responsibility for review and implementation of the Company’s Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy is with the Company’s Top-Management, Line Managers and Ship’s Masters, prime responsibility being with the Management System Representative (Designated Person Ashore).

The President of Palmali Group of Companies has ultimate responsibility for all Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental matters.

Managers and supervisors give clear directions and, by their behavior, demonstrate commitment to safety and environmental excellence.


M. Mansimov,
President of Palmali Group of Companies

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