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Palmali Holding - Press Release

On 31th May 2020, certain media groups published articles containing a number of allegations which are false and that aim to damage the business reputation of Palmali. We as the Palmali Group of Companies have issued the following statement to clarify the false information given.

On 15 March …

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Palmali Holding - Press Release

An arrest warrant has been issued on Azerbaijani - Turkish businessman Mubariz Mansimov Gurbanoglu, detained in Istanbul, Turkey. The founder and owner of the Palmali Group finds himself accused of having links to the FETÖ network (Fetullah Gülen Terrorist Organization) that attempted coup in 20…

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Iftar ceremony for students & businessmen held in Istanbul

Palmali Holding has been loyal to its tradition this year too. The Company held a traditional Iftar ceremony for Azerbaijani students, Turkish and Azerbaijani businessmen in Istanbul, Turkey.

Hundreds of Azerbaijani students and businessmen, well-known Turkish businessmen and artists have been …

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Social Media Campaign Held in Istanbul, Turkey

The International Social Media Campaign "Share for Khojaly" has been held in Istanbul by Palmali Holding, Istanbul University and New Age Media Group on the occasion of the Khojaly genocide commemoration.

The campaign which held at Istanbul University was mainly conducted by volunteers in thr…

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"Share for Khojaly" - Social Media Campaign

Palmali Holding will host the International Social Media Campaign "Share for Khojaly", dedicated to the memory of the Khojaly genocide. The campaign will take place at the Istanbul University in four languages (English, Turkish, Russian and French) and will be carried out primarily by student vo…

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20th Anniversary of Palmali Holding Held in Istanbul, Turkey

Founded in 1998, the world's leading maritime transportation company, Palmali Holding, has completed its 20th year in Turkey.

All operations centers of Palmali, according to the decision of the company, will be condensate in Turkey as of January 1.  Celebrations of these exclusive occasions w…

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