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Our Social Responsibility

Social responsibility has become increasingly important to numerous companies in the last years. Many businesses realized how and why to embrace social responsibility. We as Palmali Holding are engaging ourselves environmentally and socially and we are willing to take a moral stance on improving the world we live in. Whether it`s by empowering woman, seeking for positive impacts on the environment, our employees or our communities.

We are using social responsibility tools and sustainability as ways to push the business processes into our company since more than 20 years. We’re dedicated to helping others who are in need and providing healthy, beautiful environments for everyone to enjoy. 

We Support Education

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”- John Dewey

Education is a fundamental driver of personal, national and global development. The recognition of this has m…

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We Care About Animals

As a social responsibility project, Palmali Holding built an animal shelter in Bodrum, Turkey. In this mini shelter lives more than 300 animals that needs help and care. We try to encourage childr…

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