Health Safety and Environment

Palmali Shipping is committed to providing professional ship management services, in a competent, cost-effective manner, in order to meet the needs of our clients. We’re also dedicated to discharging our responsibilities toward our employees, the public and to environmental protection. We realize the necessity of ensuring safety of the environment when transporting cargoes such as oil and oil products.

We are continually working to improve the quality and effectiveness of our services, our management system. The company also works tirelessly to prevent and reduce pollution of the environment. We strive to apply the world’s best practices in all of these areas.

The long-term goal, as well as the aspiration of Palmali, is working toward a future with zero incidents and zero spills at sea. Towards this effort, the company’s policy promotes the continuing establishment of Healthy, Safe and Environmentally responsible working conditions. We work to develop practices that promote the rational use of natural resources and utilize waste while complying with compulsory Statutory and International legislation.

The company strives to continually maintain the process of identification and assessment of environmental issues in its activities. It constantly monitors all aspects of the business and works to establish respective objectives and targets to maintain the environment. All of this is done with the goal of carrying out necessary operations, while monitoring their efficiency and effects on the environment. We guard against damage to life, property and the environment.

Dedication to Our Employees

Palmali is dedicated to our employees’ wellbeing and health. During operations, we aim to prevent human injury or loss of life, while ensuring the safety of all people involved in the transportation process.

Company employees have the responsibility of participating in the application of our policies of health and safety. The company has established working conditions and operating practices based on a management structure committed to the prevention of work-related injuries and incidents through the appropriate planning and compliance safety standards.

Employees, with the required skills and experience, are supported by the appropriate training and development. They are managed by competent personnel, who work to establish effective communications between ship and shore.

In addition, we maintain safety and health standards with adequate amenities, procedures for the maintenance and operation of ships, their plant and equipment, participation in relevant national, international and industrial bodies for the promotion of quality, healthy, safety and environmental protection standards. Each new employee must understand and accept the company’s HSE policy as a condition of employment.

In order to maintain and ensure compliance of the company’s quality, health, safety and environmental policy, top management, line managers and ship’s masters have the responsibility to continually review our policy. Our main Management System Representative (Designated Person Ashore) carries the main responsibility for our quality, health, safety and environmental policy, while the ultimate responsibility lies with the President of the Palmali Holding.