Working at Palmali

No firm can accomplish its goals without a dedicated workforce. It is apparent that employees’ satisfaction plays a vital aspect in the achievement of our business.

One of the most important part thereby is our employee satisfaction as the impetus of Palmali Holding. We rely on a well-trained and knowledgeable employee base to provide our offered service in the best possible terms. Therefore we strive to improve the working environment and guarantee a safe workplace. We furthermore engage us to develop a strong sense of workplace gratitude as we recognize each company member not only as qualified employee but as individual person with an own life. It is a satisfied staff that wants to advance the company`s mission and helps achieving our desired targets – all together!

Palmali is dedicated to our employees’ wellbeing and health. During operations, we aim to prevent human injury or loss of life, while ensuring the safety of all people involved in the transportation process.

Company employees have the responsibility of participating in the application of our policies of health and safety. The company has established working conditions and operating practices based on a management structure committed to the prevention of work-related injuries and incidents through the appropriate planning and compliance safety standards.

Employees, with the required skills and experience, are supported by the appropriate training and development. They are managed by competent personnel, who work to establish effective communications between ship and shore.