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Mubariz Mansimov
Chairman & President 
Palmali Holding

I was born in 1968, in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, near the Caspian Sea. The story I started with a small fishing boat is put to sea with cargo ships. Now this number is hundreds ...

20 years passed since the establishment of the Palmali Holding in Turkey. When we were establishing our company I said:
“Things we have achieved will be the guarantee of the things we will achieve.” So it happened as I told.

Today we are harbouring not only the biggest names of Turkey and Azerbaijan but also the global brands with Palmali Holding. And we are rapidly growing to be the most powerful carrier around the globe.

I know that even the best captains can’t reach the harbour without a professional team. That’s why wealth doesn’t mean company for us. It is the people working in...

Over the past two decades we have worked with trustworthy and professional teammates and we are progressing into the future with the happiness of working with the best teammates.

Message from Chairman & President

While many sea freight companies provide a good service, we’ve aimed for a higher mark. Our goal has always been to the provide the highest level of services in the industry, while keeping costs sustainable for our clients. Palmali Shipping wants to be part of a team that works for the better good of all. Our aim is high and that is to become one of the leading sea freight companies on the global market.

In pursuit of excellence, we’ve never forgotten our devotion to safety, social responsibility and environmental protection--these are the basis of our business approach. While our reputation is highly important, we have strived to maintain strong, moral principles, while respecting our world and global neighbors. We work to make the world a better place, all while delivering the highest level of services. 

We are also dedicated to maintaining the highest standards and certifications to help us achieve our goals, but not at the cost of our partners, clients and employees. In addition, we strive for open, transparent communication, which is the key to maintaining successful relationships with everyone—from employees to clients. 

Palmali continues to be committed to providing professional ship management services in a competent, cost-effective manner to help meet our clients’ needs. We also strive to meet our responsibilities to our employees, the public and protection of the environment. Clients and partners can count on Pamali to continually commit to improving the quality and effectiveness of our services, as well as doing our best to prevent and reduce environmental pollution. This is our ongoing commitment to our employees, partners, clients and the environment.

To follow through on our commitment, we work hard to implement and maintain technology, providing state-of-the art tools to each facet of the business. We use the industry’s most advanced technology solutions to provide our clients with the best services we can offer, all while protecting our employees, the public and the environment. 

We look forward to providing our clients and partners with the highest quality services possible. We’re committed to maintaining these high standards to better our client and partner relationship, and to ensure satisfaction, transparency, and integrity in all we do. 

Palmali Shipping thanks you entrusting your shipping needs to us and for using our services in the future.