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Palmali at a glance

We are global sea freight company with dozens offices, hundreds vessels and thousands employees. Every day we transport oil and petroleum products, different types of vegetable oil, liquids and crops. We operate a fleet of vessels for the transportation of cargo. Safety and social responsibility are fundamental to our business approach.

Our History

Palmali Holding was formed in 1998. Our headquarters are in Istanbul, Turkey and our Founder & President is Mubariz Mansimov. Palmali Holding was initially providing agency services for the vessels that passed through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits.


Keeping young and modern fleet is one of the core strategies of Palmali Holding. This help us to have a strong position as market leader. Periodically we build new vessels and expand the fleet with younger vessels to meet the high standards and requirements.

Health, Safety and Environment

Our policy promotes the continuing establishment of Healthy, Safe and Environmentally responsible working conditions. We work to develop practices that promote the rational use of natural resources and utilize waste while complying with compulsory Statutory and International legislation.

Business Philosophy

We aim to be one of the world’s leading sea freight providers. We create value to clients by delivering tailored solutions in efficient and effective way with the best people, systems and processes. We know that our reputation is very important and being honest and having strong moral principles are one of the substantial tool for us. We respect the world and people. We value people's knowledge, skills and experiences.

Core Values

Palmali is committed to essential core values, including: 

  • Focus on the client: we work with our clients to meet and exceed their expectations.
  • Integrity: we maintain the highest levels of honesty, trust and ethical standards with our clients and those who work with us.
  • Accountability: is paramount to our success; we hold ourselves accountable to our clients and our employees.
  • Ongoing Improvement: we encourage ongoing education, compliance and safety in all aspects of our business. 
  • Communication: we listen to the needs of our clients, maintain transparency and responsiveness in all of our communications.

Vision & Mission

  • Our vision and goal are to be one of the world’s leading sea freight providers, while creating value for our client and providing them with tailored solutions to meet their needs. 
  • We’re dedicated to helping others who are in need and providing healthy, beautiful environments for everyone to enjoy.

Business Strategy

Our business strategy is to deliver the highest level of service and excellent service to our clients. As global experts, we have the knowledge and experience to provide cost-effective and innovative shipping solutions.

We offer:

  • Expertise in managing a fleet of hundreds of ships and thousands of employees
  • Shipping experience on a global scale
  • Dozens of offices in major global locations

Executive Board

Mubariz Mansimov
Chairman & President





Our well educated staff with its outstanding expertise is helping us to manage the rise of the complex business and to become a well- established transportation company known throughout the world for their reliability, quality, innovation and personal service.






We are constantly assessing our environmental activities, to monitor all aspects and establish objectives and targets to carry out necessary actions to preserve the environment.

Social Responsibility

We’re dedicated to helping others who are in need and providing healthy, beautiful environments for everyone to enjoy. We're willing to take a moral stance on improving the world we live in.