Our Services

As a logistic company we provide solutions for ship management, chartering, ship agency, technical management and ship construction services. Keeping young and modern fleet is one of the core strategies of Palmali Holding. This help us to have a strong position as market leader. Periodically we build new vessels and expand the fleet with younger vessels to meet the high standards and requirements.

While many sea freight companies provide a good service, we’ve aimed for a higher mark. Our goal has always been to provide the highest level of services in the industry, while keeping costs sustainable for our clients. Palmali Holding wants to be part of a team that works for the better good of all. We create value to clients by delivering tailored solutions in efficient and effective way with the best people, systems and processes.


When it comes to shipping, the main objective of Palmali is to provide excellence in sea our sea transportation services. We maintain the company’s compliance with international quality and efficiency standards in covering all shipping and transportation services.

Our reputation is well known in the region when it comes to ensuring the best results for our partners and clients in regards to world trade and sea transportation. Our company has adopted the most complex industry principles to maintain quality and customer satisfaction at the highest level, while providing excellent, cost effective services. 


From the very first day of operations, Palmali has successfully accomplished over 1,000 voyages in the Caspian, Black and Mediterranean Seas. Our chartering department works in a highly competitive environment by simultaneously providing professional chartering and post fixture services to charterers, owners, and traders. The company focuses on individual solutions which have been created to meet the demands and requirements of each individual client.

Maintaining powerful chartering and brokering services are our main activities in international markets. Our goal is to offer the most competitive rates to our clients while keeping our services at the highest levels of excellence.

satisfaction at the highest level, while providing excellent, cost effective services. 

Ship Agency

Ship Agency plays a significant role in increasing the efficiency of port activities for both owned and chartered ships within Palmali. With the developing nature of the agency department, the company is currently able to provide all types of agency services in all Turkish, Greek, Ukrainian, Russian, Maltese ports. We also provide ship agency services the port of Baku in Azerbaijan, where we have our own office and staff. 

The company delivers professional agency services with a reputation for expertise when it comes to handling vessels of all types in the ports of previously mentioned countries. The agency department, as an independent service division, provides our clients with cost-effective services, with only minimal requirements for our clients. Agency services are managed by the head office, which acts as the hub of information flow; it also holds the control over the entire operation.


Technical Management

Our advanced management systems ensure efficient management and control of operations. In addition, Palmali Shipping has obtained the ISM (International Safety Management) Certificate, which certifies the company meets international standards for the safe management and operation of ships. We are committed to all safety measures at sea, preventing human injury and fatalities, while avoiding damage to the environment. The ISM certificate offers us the chance to measure our company’s performance against a documented system, and pinpoints areas where we can improve safety practices and pollution prevention

Ship Construction

We maintain our own repair and maintenance department, which acts in association with the shipyard located at the bay of Tuzla. Through the company’s mission based on providing ships and facilities that are safe, environmentally-friendly, economical and convenient, the company is able to satisfy any and all customer demands for quality. 

Palmali applies the fast working and high-quality principles of modern construction with the latest technology. The shipyard is located on the shore of the Marmara Sea, which is the optimal place for ship repairing and construction works.