Ship Agency

Palmali Shipping & Agency J.S.C, one of the family member of under Palmali Holding, established in Istanbul. The Company is usually providing consulting services taking full responsibility of maritime operators which are scheduled at all Turkish straights and ports. We are experienced in providing a wide range of port services with its own fleet of various sea crafts, equipment and highly qualified personnel at the privatized ports of Izmit, Gebze, Tuzla, Istanbul, Ambarlı, Ceyhan, Iskenderun, Mersin, Tuzla, Yalova, Marmara Ereglisi, Izmir, Aliaga. Our professional team is well trained in handling all types of marine vessels and works around the clock to provide the most efficient and cost competitive services.

We would be glad to work with you regarding below operations at Turkish straits and all Turkish ports via our efficient agency fee offer.

  • To provide 24/7 surveillance on evacuation and loading operations on behalf of ship-owner / operator.
  • To monitor ship licenses during transit of vessels and at ports.
  • To ship fuel, oil, food, beverage, etc.
  • To provide the crew changes and their health services with care.
  • To execute customs clearance and shipment.
  • To handle the ship properly according to requirements.
  • To conduct official correspondence to advice on behalf of ship-owner or operator.
  • To ensure required certificates’ renewal with competitive and affordable price. Captain request coverage, solid / liquid waste services.
  • To provide Captain Advance Deliveries
  • To ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the survey, class, P & I and similar organizations.
  • To provide legal counseling by lawyers of all administrative contracts / businesses.

The company delivers professional agency services with a reputation for expertise when it comes to handling vessels of all types in Turkish, Greek, Ukrainian, Russian, Maltese ports. The agency department, as an independent service division, provides our clients with cost-effective services, with only minimal requirements for our clients. Agency services are managed by the head office, which acts as the hub of information flow; it also holds the control over the entire operation.