As a part of our ongoing commitment to environmental protection, we work to maintain the health of the world’s seas by following the latest regulations for environmental safety.

We are dedicated to providing sustainable shipping services to our partners and clients, while finding cost-effective solutions to protect the environment.

Realizing the necessity of ensuring environmental safety when transporting cargoes, including oil and oil products, we are committed to continual improvement of our services and the effectiveness of our management system.

To that end, our long-term goal, as well as our aspiration, is to have “zero incidents and zero spills at sea.” We are dedicated to the promotion of HSE working conditions and the use effective, sustainable use of natural resources. Our aim is to utilize waste products and strictly comply with applicable country and international environmental law.

We are constantly assessing our environmental activities, to monitor all aspects and establish objectives and targets to carry out necessary actions to preserve the environment. We also monitor the effectiveness of these actions and take corrective action as needed.