Technical Management

Technical Management is the corner stone of our ship management activities. Our staff of highly experienced technicians work together to provide both the highest level of operational reliability and optimum financial results for our clients.

Our advanced management systems ensure efficient management and control of operations. In addition, Palmali Shipping has obtained the ISM (International Safety Management) Certificate, which certifies the company meets international standards for the safe management and operation of ships. We are committed to all safety measures at sea, preventing human injury and fatalities, while avoiding damage to the environment. The ISM certificate offers us the chance to measure our company’s performance against a documented system, and pinpoints areas where we can improve safety practices and pollution prevention.

Our technical department is based on close teamwork with clients and partners, as well as holding close professional contact with external authorities and flag states. Currently, the technical department takes care of all vessels under our management plus the vessels of client companies. Palmali Shipping always uses the most advanced and sophisticated IT tools available to sustain efficient management and control measure. Moreover, the technical Department also works to promote environmental protection and safety practices.

We promote a “No Blame” culture, which means that near misses, accidents or other incidents are reported and thoroughly analyzed based on the available facts. Then solutions are considered and adopted to prevent recurrence of the same type of incident in the future. With the “no blame” culture, we are committed to the highest degree of information sharing, in order to repeat success stories and avoid any unfortunate incidents.

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